What is Membership?


  • World Class Business Hosting
    We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our Sites are hosted at one of the largest web hosting data centers in the world. Climate friendly, 24/7/365 server monitoring, and weekly off-site backups. Our staff have years of experience hosting everything from small one page sites to large complex scalable internet applications, and we can scale your hosting to fit your needs. 95% of small business websites will have more than enough room and bandwidth for their traffic, but we also offer VPS and Dedicated Server solutions for projects that outgrow standard business hosting and require something a little more robust.
  • Handcrafted Support
    We take support seriously by making sure that we personally handle each request.  When your website needs maintenance or updates just fill out a support ticket and we will follow up with you. We’re a rare breed that actually likes speaking with our customers and not just typing to them. So when you have a problem or  your website needs some love you get personal attention to make sure its done right.


  • Deadbolt Security
    Your website is like cyber real estate and it is susceptible to attacks and hacking like a home is to burglary it can happen to anyone at anytime. With our basic security its like installing deadbolts on your house it will protect you from the most common attacks. http://www.websiteworkbox.com/what-is-membership/ http://www.websiteworkbox.com/what-is-membership/Our basic security isn’t flawless so for more enhanced security ask our team how we can protect your even more with our Web Presence Insurance Package.
  • Software & Plugin Updates


  • Training Videos
    Become your own web designer and manager with our video tutorial package built into your back office. These training videos give you the ability to edit your own site with confidence.
  • Access To Training Events
    If you want to get even more professional training on internet marketing and social media we offer regional trainings giving you even more tools and skills.

Jennifer Bailey has been making websites happen for almost 10 years, before Facebook's popularity. She approaches the web from a marketing perspective. Her mission is to help your business get new customers using the web!


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