Connecting You To Powerful Information – M&M Newsletter

Connecting You To Powerful Information – M&M Newsletter

Connecting You To Powerful Information

The world of media and marketing is changing constantly. Since the boom our world has shifted drastically affecting most the world of information and communications. Information on almost any subject can be obtained instantly in the palm of ones own hand and with that same hand we can now contact via video people on the other side of the earth.

Personally, I have grown up in the whirlwind of technological advancements and change, you could say it’s all I know. For example, when I was ten years old I started to use our house phone and within 3 years we had cell phones and 5 years after that smartphones were everywhere and now it seems I have to upgrade my cell phone every six months to a year to stay relevant. It would seem that as quickly as I learn to use one device for communication the next is already taking over the market.

Being raised in this day of rapid change I learned to adapt to new situations and practices. Now as a young professional I use those skills to educate others in how to adjust to this changing world. making strides to predict where change is coming to help make transitions easy and communications clear.

Our company, Website Workbox, has a goal to educate our clients and community on how to be equipped to communicate with their customers effectively. This newsletter is an extension of our desire to give you the most current news, trends and skills to master your marketing and media needs.

Jennifer Bailey has been making websites happen for almost 10 years, before Facebook's popularity. She approaches the web from a marketing perspective. Her mission is to help your business get new customers using the web!


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