Becoming Newsworthy

Becoming Newsworthy

Becoming something that is worth being talked about is sometimes a challenging task. Website Workbox has a 6-step guide to help you become newsworthy in your local market. These steps will help make you newsworthy and slightly famous.

  1. Be Traditional 
    What have been the traditional ways in which businesses and people have received media coverage? Watch the news, read the newspaper, see who and what the reporters are reporting on. Find trends in how your surrounding media sources are selecting who and what they cover.
  2. Be Creative
    Sometimes being traditional makes it hard to stand out in a crowd. So, be creative and think of new ways to make the media notice who you are and what you are doing. Think outside the box on how to attract your customers. If you can create a large enough crowd or a loud enough bang the media will be more inclined to cover what you are doing.
  3. Be A Content Creator
    Create content that is relevant, timely and trendy. Informative articles on how your industry is changing or moving forward is a great way to get coverage. Creating your own content gives you credibility and trust with your audience and the media. If you are not creating content that means you are dependent on other’s content.
  4. Choose A Target
    You do not have to be all things to all people. Get an idea of where your target market is getting their news from and aim at that radio station or newspaper. Create your content to suit that media outlet and their audience. This makes you an asset to your audience, as well as, the media outlet.
  5. Be A Forerunner
    Don’t let everyone else lead the race. Be out there making a difference in your industry and in your community. Being a leader helps create trust and attention to your business. Bringing attention to a local issue or charity with a fundraiser is a great way to be a forerunner.
  6. Collaborate
    What is the media already covering as newsworthy? Attach yourself to those events, organizations or topics. If the media is covering a local event become a sponsor and attend the event. seo website design Let the media become familiar with your business through a mutual interest story that they are covering. Collaboration is a great way to build relationships.

Remember that the media needs you as much as you need the media. Become the story—or an expert on the story—and make yourself useful to the media outlets in your community. Steven Van Yoder says in his book Get Slightly Famous, “The secret to success is positioning your business as a media partner.”

Jennifer Bailey has been making websites happen for almost 10 years, before Facebook's popularity. She approaches the web from a marketing perspective. Her mission is to help your business get new customers using the web!


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