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Website Design - 100%
WordPress - 95%
SEO - 85%

Handcrafted Quality

Our Customers join us for quality workmanship and good work ethic. They stay for great customer service.

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Blank Canvasses

We believe in blank canvasses, messy handwriting and coffee stains. There is power in unique ideas, and we believe in always moving forward with creative strategies that meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Truth & Honesty

We believe in truth, honesty and just dealingsā€¦ and doing it even when nobody is looking. We realize that business partnerships have unique challenges and trials, and we choose to look at them straight in the eye.

Living with Purpose

We believe in people. We strive to help others live with purpose. We believe in striving to be better. It takes hard work to learn and improve. We strive to conquer what we are afraid of, and accept criticism from others.


Our Team

Brother and sister team Jennifer Bailey and Aaron Mills have been making websites happen since the early days of website builders and social media.