8 Positive Ways To Help Create Newsworthy Content

8  Positive Ways To Help Create Newsworthy Content

Creating newsworthy content is based on finding important information and making it worth reporting. For example: an outbreak of ebola is important news.

What makes an ebola break out newsworthy is if it is going to effect the local community. An outbreak of ebola in Udachny, Russia is not as newsworthy as one in Washington DC.

Here are some things that media outlets do find newsworthy:

  1. Local – News organizations within a community are far more likely to share stories that pertain to the community in the geographic region.
  2. Incident – Anything that causes a problem—be it an accident or purposeful—becomes newsworthy rapidly. The solutions to these problems also become newsworthy.
  3. Against the Flow – Going against the main stream will often gain more media coverage because it creates a better story to tell—it creates conflict which creates conversation.
  4. Maximum/Minimum – Information that contains extremes in the highs or lows of any statistic that affects people or a community can be highlighted as newsworthy
  5. New – The word ‘newsworthy’ does come from the root word ‘new’ meaning that things that are new are typically reported.
  6. Relevance – Information that is relevant and timely will be reported on. Especially when it pertains to events or activities revolving around a specific event or community.
  7. Underdog – As the saying goes, “everyone loves an underdog.” The stories where the lesser character or opponent makes a big move often can become a big story. College basketball coverage during March Madness is a great example.
  8. Surprising – Information or stories that are unexpected and unanticipated are great for the news and often stir up conversation. Surprising information is often collaborated with one of the above categories.

These points will help you write the appropriate press release or article with the content that you have about your business.http://www.websiteworkbox.com/8-positive-ways-to-help-create-newsworthy-content/http://www.websiteworkbox.com/8-positive-ways-to-help-create-newsworthy-content/

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